5 Reasons To Use a Pallet Cage To Maximise Safety

Mar. 19, 2021

5 Reasons To Use a Pallet Cage To Maximise Safety

There are a variety of pallets available for warehouse use. With the advent of the National Security Work Month, we think it’s time to put safety first and look at the benefits of pallet cages. A pallet cage, also known as stillage, is specifically designed to transport and store goods that might otherwise compromise a common pallet. They added protection and safety features, you won't get any other trays.

We listed five benefits of using pallet cages and included safety aspects in each benefit. You can see for yourself the real advantages of using pallet cages in your warehouse.

Security and protection

If you need to ensure the safety of the goods, then the pallet cage is a good choice. This is because the risk of product damage is smaller. The pallet cage is like a huge armor. The goods will not be exposed to the outside, so external activities in the warehouse can be prevented. This is particularly relevant when it comes to transporting pallet cages around the warehouse, the increased risk of damage.

Mobility and handling

The cage is designed to facilitate transportation. They facilitate the movement of forklifts in the warehouse. The pallet cage is designed to be connected to a forklift or pallet jack safely, making the transportation not only effective but also safe. These are ideal if the items you store need to be stable and safe. The added benefit is that they act as a containment system. If your cargo is in danger of dumping or cannot be kept in its original position, this is a reliable and safe choice.

Save space

There is a wide selection of pallet cages, so there will definitely be one that suits your warehouse needs. Unlike a suit of armor, many pallet cages are designed to be folded for easy storage when not in use. They can be easily stacked in trucks or racking systems when they are folded either full or empty.


There are many different types of pallet cages available, and you will find one that suits your needs. The stacking of cage plates can reduce the need for racks. However, the pallet cage is also safe to use the pallet racking system. Stacking allows you to store more products in less space and make the most of your warehouse.


The pallet cage is made of various materials. Some have wooden or metal bases. What you will use depends on your warehouse needs. The metal pallet cage is made of steel and galvanized to prevent rust and potential damage to the actual cage or the cargo in it. This makes them a cost-effective choice because they do not require any maintenance and are very durable.

The key aspect of the pallet cage is that it can ensure the safety of your goods and products. This is not only a good choice for storing goods but also makes it easier and safer for people to transport goods around the warehouse. They are durable, but the most important thing is safety.

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