A High-Quality Warehouse Storage Solution

Aug. 15, 2020

The steel pallet racking exporter reminds everyone: a high-quality warehousing logistics storage solution can not only maximize the utilization rate of the company's warehouse but also be more efficient in the use process. So today, Shandong Shelves will introduce to you what are the conditions that need to be met for a high-quality storage shelf solution?

As we all know, the solutions are all to solve the current problems encountered by the company, or to achieve the next goal of the company. Now that the focus of the work is clear, a solution only needs to pay attention to some details. For storage shelves, our focus is to achieve maximum utilization in a limited space, speed up goods turnover, shorten inventory cycles, and so on. Therefore, the following four aspects should be paid attention to in the formation of storage racking scheme:

One. Therefore, before the pallet rack decking scheme is formed, it is necessary to do a good job of data analysis in all aspects of the enterprise. The schemes required by different enterprises must be different. We need to conduct detailed data communication with various departments of the enterprise. For this we have summed up the following questions:

Pallet Rack Decking

Pallet Rack Decking

1. How should space be allocated reasonably?

2. How much space is needed to meet such reserves?

3. Can the existing equipment meet the requirements and which equipment should be used?

4. What storage method and distribution method should be used?

Two. Generally speaking, warehouses can be divided into two categories, distribution centers for enterprise resources and distribution centers for third-party logistics. Because the service objects they face are different, their working methods are also different. A specific plan should be formulated according to its specific service target.

Three. The operation in the warehouse is a combination of multiple links. The operating efficiency of a certain link cannot be considered alone to affect the overall operating efficiency. This requires consideration of a balance between warehouse storage and storage efficiency.

Four. The future benefit analysis is also an indispensable link. It is necessary to consider whether the cost required by the warehouse plan formulated according to the company's own comprehensive strength can be borne by the company and whether it can bring benefits to the company after it is put into use.

After understanding the above four aspects, we also need to pay attention to the time period of the entire program, as well as the flexibility of the entire program.


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