Benefits of Pallet Racking Wire Decking

Aug. 25, 2020

Designed for use in conjunction with pallet racking and racking systems, wire Mesh Decking is a popular choice for warehouses that want to ensure the safety and stability of their storage systems. It is designed to improve safety by preventing accidental dropping of materials and to provide additional safety measures if the tray is not properly placed on the beam.

Therefore, the mandatory use of wire mesh layering in many facilities is not surprising as it meets fire safety standards.

In the event of a fire, the shelving surfaces of particleboard or plywood will only contribute to the fire. In addition, because the shelves are made of solid material, water from the overhead sprinkler system will be blocked and not allowed to flow through each storage system layer. Steel wire laminate, however, because of its open mesh design, allows water to flow through it, so it can reach the following system levels.

Wire Mesh Deck

Wire Mesh Deck

The use of a Wire Mesh Deck Deck improves the efficiency of the sprinkler system and helps to distinguish fires and reduce damage to facilities and inventory. Therefore, if you want to improve the fire safety of the warehouse, you should consider investing in wire decoration.

The steel deck is easy to install and is placed on top of the tray shelf beam, fixed in place. In addition to providing greater fire safety, there are additional benefits to using steel decks in pallet racking and racking systems:

Provide additional stability support for stored pallet cargoes.

Higher load-bearing capacity than wood

Easy to install

Board is:

More expensive


Cause fire hazard

Collection of dust and debris is allowed

That is to say, how do you choose the right wire cover for the warehouse? Well, you need to know how much weight you want these surfaces to support, which will enable you to determine which specifications of wire paving best suit your specific needs.

There are several different styles of screen decoration:


Bell channel

Ladder channel

Inside, a Waterfall


Most wire cover units are designed with support channels to increase the overall strength and weight of the wire cover. If you are looking for Wire Pallet panels, be sure to purchase a qualified product from a well-known Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Deck manufacturer.



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