How to Choose the Best Steel Storage Cage According to the Needs?

Nov. 06, 2020

Today, companies that store large amounts of material can choose from a variety of storage options. Industrial shelf systems are the most common solution, and you'll find many different styles used. Viaducts are also common. Both solutions are designed to store materials efficiently and safely.

But the third option has gained wide traction in warehouses and transportation facilities around the world, and in many ways, this newer storage system has advantages over previous technologies. We are talking about the wire Mesh pallet cage, and if you are in the storage system market, it is worth thinking about.

What is a steel warehouse cage?

Steel storage cages are unique because they can be made into a variety of sizes and styles to hold almost anything that needs to be stored and can then be stacked to efficiently store a large amount of material without the need for shelves or shelves.

The steel cage is a rugged, powerful storage device that can be easily operated and moved using a standard forklift, and can be easily transitioned from the warehouse to transport and back while keeping its contents safe.

Pallet Cages

Pallet Cages

What are the advantages of pallet cages?

Steel storage cage has quickly become the default storage method for global enterprises due to its obvious advantages.

Sturdy but light

Steel retainers are light in weight and elastic in relation to their strength. This is a great combination when considering storage options that require frequent operations. This also makes them an excellent candidate for stacking operations due to their ideal weight/strength ratio.

Sturdy design

Steel retainers provide maximum protection for fragile materials or fragile materials that may pose a risk to workers. They can prevent forklift accidents and other accidental damage. They won't bend or break under the weight of other cages (as long as stack limits are observed), so you can safely store a variety of materials.

Easy to place

Steel storage cages come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which means stacking them up is easy. They will never run out of suitable candidates. You can even design your custom dimensions to fit together.

Efficient space management.

Unlike shelf units and elevated shelves, which are permanently fixed in one location once installed, stacked storage cages can be placed anywhere. This means that your warehouse layout can be moved as needed. Moving shelf units is an expensive and intrusive process, but moving steel storage cages is as easy as moving them with a forklift.

Similarly, many steel cage designs can be opened during stacking, which means warehouse operators can obtain the required materials without having to dismantle the stacks. In addition, many styles can be folded, which means they can be folded and stored when not in use.

Easy to move

As mentioned earlier, steel storage cages are compatible with forklifts, so stacking and disassembling them and moving them from one location to another is a simple process. Even transportation between warehouses has become easier.

A wide variety of styles

According to the need to store the content, there is a suitable for it the steel cage. You can get metal mesh cages or rugged panel designs. Some have metal bases, while others are fixed to wooden planks. Many will stack, while others can be used on a standard shelf (if necessary). And, of course, custom designs can be made as needed.

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