Defensive Safety Fencing

Jan. 31, 2021

Defensive Safety Fencing

When people think of security fences, they are looking for powerful things that will send a message that their home is a solid fortress. They may look for fences, which are strong, high obstacles, thick and difficult to climb over.

Although safety fences can be difficult to climb, you should avoid seeing solid barriers that are impossible to penetrate.

Safety Fencing

Security fence should have the best function

The pass-through

In fact, you don't need a fence to block the view on the other side. You want to be able to see people wandering around on the other side because it gives you a chance to investigate or ask for help before they cross the barrier. Also, you want to eliminate the number of hidden locations along the fence line. When installing a fence, make sure there are gaps between the planks when installing a wooden fence or PVC fence.

The high fence

A good safety fence can be as high as 6 feet, but 8 feet is even better. If you can go higher, that would be great. However, the height of the fence may be limited by city ordinances or HOA regulations. Therefore, be sure to check with your municipality before installing a fence. If the fence is too high, the city may ask you to uninstall it or change it to a lower fence.

It is difficult to climb

The fence should not have any place for burglar's feet, burglar can make themselves over the top. Make sure that fences used for home defense have few horizontal guides. If there are horizontal railings, make sure they face into the house and that the space between the railings is narrow enough so that the tips of your shoes cannot be passed through.

A safety lock

Any doors or doors on the fence shall have adequate padlocks. There are many different types of locking mechanisms, including automatic locking and locking mechanisms that automatically latch. When placed on the locking mechanism, you need to install it so that a human hand cannot pass through space in the metal strip or wooden board and open the latch.

Fix the top and bottom of the fence

Thieves will find a number of ways around the fence, including walking under it. If the fence is lifted off the ground, some type of barrier needs to be placed underneath. You can secure the bottom of the fence with concrete to provide final protection. If you're still worried about someone's ability to climb over the fence, spikes, spear tops, or even razor nets can be installed at the top.

Completely barrier

If the security fence does not surround the entire yard, it will not be effective. However, you might want to place some obstacles at the end of the panel, such as a favorite tree or a flowering bush. Thieves will use these gaps to get through, even if that means climbing a tree or breaking a branch from a bush and squeezing through. Try relocating shrubs so they don't block the road, or using a fence structure around the tree to make it a solid barrier.

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