How Do You Make a Wire Mesh Fence?

Dec. 11, 2020

How Do You Make a Wire Mesh Fence?

Wire mesh fences are an indispensable part of our lives. Especially in garden houses, it is often used to define land boundaries. If we grow vegetables in the garden or keep pets, we also need to protect them. Therefore, we need to install a wire mesh system to prevent foreigners from entering the garden.

There are many reasons for this. The wire mesh fence is a resistant product to severe weather conditions and can be used for a long time without wear. Because, in the screen fence production, the use of coating method can prevent rust and abrasion. So how to make a wire mesh fence?

How are wire fence systems produced?

The wire fence system is named after the system of reinforcing the wire by galvanizing process and forming it in a special knitting machine. Therefore, wire mesh fence systems produced using stainless steel wire mesh fence system is very durable and durable. Wire mesh fence systems produced by hot-dip galvanizing can also be manufactured using PVC coating as required.

PVC coating increases the durability of the screen fence system, thereby prolonging its service life.

In addition to wire mesh fencing, another measure you can take is the razor mesh application. Razor mesh is a very sharp guardrail system mounted on a welded wire mesh guardrail S. Barehand touching is not recommended. Because it cuts like a razor. Even clothes can be smashed.

Therefore, razor wire is used in many places together with the wire mesh fence system. A visually equivalent barbed wire system will not strain your eyes.

These systems, also known as high-security fences, are often used in prisons, military areas, airports, and other places.

Grilles and fence panels

In addition, there are gate and fence panels specially produced for fence types. Depending on the height and size of your fence, there are sliding, automatic opening and closing doors or manual fence doors. Again, these doors can be made with either single or double wings.

In addition to network cables, the panel fence application is also very useful and popular. A panel fence is a model of a fence that looks more beautiful than a screen fence.

Wire Mesh Fence

You need to know about the screen fence system

As it is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion.

Resistance can be increased by applying a hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coating.

Fence systems can be made in different sizes and sizes.

It can be made in different colors.

Special size fence systems can be used.

Exports can be made anywhere in the world.

Net fence system has passed ISO 9001 quality certification. 

This is an economically secure product.

Therefore, it can completely meet the expectations of customers.

The service life of the protection net is at least 10 years.

Production is carried out by taking into account the weather conditions in areas where screen fencing will be installed.

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