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Nov. 27, 2020

The protective mesh is a new type of building security product that is installed on windows, balconies, etc., to provide protection, anti-theft, and anti-falling objects for home life. It integrates many advantages such as safety, beauty, and practicality.  

The invisible protective net is a relatively new type of anti-theft net, which not only plays a role of preventing theft but also protects the safety of family members, especially families with children. This kind of anti-theft net helps people to escape in the event of a fire. So this kind of invisible anti-theft network is especially popular in newly built communities.

1.Is the invisible protective net safe?

The general invisible protective net is a flexible protective product. There is a certain tension between the steel ropes, which has little effect on theft prevention. To make the invisible protective net safer, the key is the aluminum alloy track, the crossbar, and the installation process. The aluminum alloy material is soft and the quality is not good enough, which will affect the fixing of the wire rope. The horizontal cross buckle is to prevent the wire rope from being pulled apart. Generally, the fixing effect of the iron cross buckle is not good enough. It is best to use a thick aluminum alloy track, 4.0 specification steel wire rope, and 304 stainless steel cross buckle. Don't be greedy for cheap. So safety depends on the quality of the purchase.

2.What kind of invisible protection net is safe to choose?

1)Choose products from well-known companies

Companies pay attention to brand cultivation and promotion, and product quality is guaranteed. Due to the adoption of market deposits and other restraint mechanisms for agents, market actions are standardized, especially in the after-sales service of products, these companies have set up a good guarantee mechanism, even if an agent After the business has withdrawn, the after-sales service can still be guaranteed to continue, which is very important for this kind of products with certain technological content.

Protective Mesh

2)Pay attention to the choice of special steel wire

The first factor that determines the quality of the steel wire is the material of the steel wire. At present, the steel wire with the best anti-corrosion performance on the market is 316 stainless steel wire, followed by 304 stainless steel wire. The service life of the invisible protective net of these two steel wires can reach more than 10 years. In addition, the diameter of the invisible protective net steel wire in the current market is also divided into thickness. When the tensile strength of the steel wire reaches 1000N, the thinner the steel wire is, the better because there is not much difference in the shear resistance between the thicker and the thinner, but the invisible effect The impact is greater, the thicker steel wire deviates from the goal pursued by the invisible anti-theft net. Generally, under the premise of ensuring the tensile strength of the steel wire and the insulation effect between the conductive copper core and the steel wire, the smaller the steel wire diameter, the higher the requirements for the material and processing technology of the steel wire.

3)Installation quality

Because the invisible protective net is not a molded product like color TVs and refrigerators, it needs construction and installation to achieve its anti-theft protection performance. The installation quality has a greater impact on the anti-theft performance.

4)Don't one-sidedly pursue low prices.

The cheaper the product, the more attention should be paid to its quality, because some businesses do not hesitate to fill the good with the inferior in order to ensure a competitive price advantage.

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