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Sep. 27, 2020

Wire Deck Design Options

There are several various types of wire decking, each with their own advantages. They include:

Inside Waterfall Deck

This type leaves pallet rack beams open for order picking and barcodes/labels are easily accessible

Up-Turned Waterfall Deck

This option is designed with built-in backstop to prevent materials/products from being pushed too far off the pallet rack.

Drop-In/Flat Flush Deck

Flat flush type is best used for hand-stacked loads and order picking, and it fits well inside load beams.

Made in-house: We’re the only pallet rack manufacturer to produce our own wire deck.

Tailored to your needs: We have multiple designs and many sizes for a variety of capacity and application needs.

Quick installation: No tools needed to install.

Designed to perform: Our deck is made from 6-gauge pre-galvanized wire and 14-gauge pre-galvanized channel and meets capacity standards for uniform load distribution.

Facility safety: Our wire deck meets all fire and safety regulations and is a great choice for facilities with sprinkler systems.


I am presently using particle board as decking.

My existing wire decking doesn’t offer adequate coverage.

My pallets are not aligned and set from beam to beam.

I have had pallets or products fall through my existing pallet system.

My wire decking is damaged with exposed edges.

My wire decking has been overloaded and is bowed or bent.

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