School Safety Fence

Sep. 19, 2020

The High Security Fence will add valuable assets to your school, protect your students, and make students, faculty, staff, and the entire community proud of your school.

Schools play a pivotal role in our community, and the education of young Australians is vital to Australia's sustainable development on the world stage. The continued success of Australia's leading education system depends on the most advanced equipment, modern learning resources for all students, and the school's ability to maintain a safe learning environment.

Why do schools need security protection?

Unfortunately, those equally valuable technology projects can make schools a target for theft, and schools have traditionally been viewed as soft targets for destruction and arson. This crime of infringing on school property has placed a heavy burden on the school’s finances, and ultimately on the community and taxpayers.

Fortunately, there is a very effective solution: security protection. According to a parliamentary report, properly designed school safety fences can reduce arson and intrusion and entry by 50%, vandalism by 71%, and intrusion by 88%.

However, the cost of crimes against schools is not only a financial one. Community self-esteem is quickly eroded by the destruction of school property. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between bad school sites and malicious destruction.

The safety of students is also paramount. Recent high-profile cases have highlighted the danger of unauthorized removal of children. When there is concern about parent or guardian contact with children, proper school fences can provide an additional safety net. Similarly, school fencing creates a safe learning environment for students to protect them from intruders and sexual predators.

A good safety fence can clearly monitor people entering and exiting the ground. The locked security door allows staff to verify visitors, but can still exit in an emergency. This is also important to control the unauthorized departure of students who may participate in anti-social activities during school.

Schools Fence

Schools Fence

Features of Schools fence design

It is important to choose fence designs and materials wisely to achieve the required effectiveness, durability, and cost. A good fence will display the following:

Anti-Graffiti-Some materials are easier to graffiti than others.

Forced entry resistance-some materials are difficult to cut and this is usually reflected in the cost.

Climbing resistance is essential, but remember that you also need to prevent going out under the fence.

Keep visual surveillance lines-poorly designed fences may provide hiding places and prevent observation of people leaving and entering the house.

Aesthetically pleasing research shows that beautiful fences can increase community pride in the school and reduce crimes related to deserted areas. Good design can also avoid the appearance of the prison that adversely affects the morale of employees and students.

Durability-Fence is an expensive item on any budget, so it is very important to ensure that the fence is strong and durable.

Improper design of the safety fence may even lead to crime because people think that the safety of the school is not strict.

School safety = effective school safety

Modern Australian schools do not match the absurd images painted by Pink Floyd. Although school safety fences are an important part of any school budget, there is no need for other "brick wall" methods.

A school safety fence will add a valuable asset to your school, protect your students, increase the pride of students, employees and the wider community to feel about your school.

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