Several Common Pallet Rack Types on the Market

Jul. 24, 2020

Storage Metal GridIn terms of picking methods, pallet rack decking can be divided into two types: manual picking racks and mechanical picking racks. Manual picking racks are the most common shelf racks, while mechanical picking is to store goods on pallets first and then use forklifts to store and retrieve the goods in units of pallets. Therefore, mechanical pick-up racks can be collectively referred to as pallet racks.

Dividing further, pallet racks are actually divided into many types. Different types of pallet racks are different in space utilization, goods picking, and storage and retrieval efficiency. The following editor will show you a few more The most common pallet rack.

1. Heavy-duty racks, also called beam racks, are the simplest, most common and most widely used pallet racks. The heavy-duty rack structure is composed of beams and columns. According to storage needs, it can also be used with steel laminates, partitions, metal back nets, and oil drum racks to meet the needs of storing different goods. The advantages of heavy-duty racks are large load capacity (above 500KG), 100% pickable racks, wide application range, suitable for most products and warehouses, and heavy-duty racks have a simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and low cost. The disadvantage is that the space utilization rate is general, which is not suitable for warehouses that want to improve the space utilization rate.

2. Narrow aisle racks: also called narrow aisle racks. As the name suggests, narrow aisle racks have narrower forklift transport channels than heavy-duty racks (about 1.6-2m), which can improve space utilization. The overall structure of narrow aisle racks is the same as that of heavy-duty racks, except that the guide rails of the "three-way stacking forklift" are installed on the floor of the racks. The reserved channel of the narrow aisle racking forklift is only slightly larger than the width of the pallet goods. Compared with the heavy racking, it not only retains the advantages of 100% pickability of the goods, but also improves the space utilization rate. For warehouses that want to increase the space utilization rate Is a good choice. The disadvantage of narrow aisle racks is that the matching three-way stacking forklift is expensive, and because the passage is narrow, the technical requirements for the personnel driving the forklift are relatively high.

3. Double-deep racks: also called double-deep racks. The main structure is the same as that of heavy-duty racks. The difference is that the heavy-duty racks are designed to be stored in two rows side by side. The advantage of this design is that it reduces the space of forklift channels and each storage line It can store more than twice as many pallets. Compared with heavy-duty racks, the space utilization rate is improved. The ground utilization rate can reach 42%, but the picking rate of goods is also reduced, only 50%. Double-depth racks must be equipped with special scissors forklifts. Double-depth shelves are suitable for warehouses that want to improve space utilization. Compared with heavy-duty shelves, the inventory can be doubled.

4. Through-type shelves: also called drive-in shelves or corridor-type shelves, consisting of columns, diagonal braces, cross braces, back pulls, top pulls, top beams, partitions, double corbels, hanging boards, single corbels, It is composed of foot guards and guide rails. Compared with heavy-duty racks, the through-type racks do not need to reserve forklift channels. Forklifts can directly enter the racks to store and retrieve goods, which maximizes the utilization of space and doubles the inventory volume of heavy-duty racks. , It is especially suitable for the storage of large-scale goods with small quantities and large quantities. The disadvantage of the through-type shelf is that the goods must follow the principle of first-in-last-out, which cannot meet the requirements of warehouses with high selectivity, and its stability is the weakest among all the previous shelves, so its depth is generally 7 cargo depths, and the height is not More than 10m, in addition, a tension device must be added to the system to enhance the overall stability.

5. Shuttle racks: Shuttle racks are high-density storage racks. Like through racks, they do not require forklift channels. The shuttle rack is composed of racks and shuttle cars. Compared with heavy-duty racks, it belongs to high-density storage, the warehouse utilization rate is improved, and the space utilization rate is more than 80%. Compared with the through-type racking, its operation mode is flexible. The goods can be accessed either first in first out or first in last out. At the same time, its overall stability is greatly improved. At the same time, the shuttle rack forklift does not need to enter the aisle, reducing The collision between racks and forklifts improves safety and productivity. The shuttle car also improves work efficiency and greatly reduces the waiting time for operations. It is especially suitable for cold storage, small variety and large quantity, first-in-first-out, and increased storage capacity.

5. The above are the most common types of Storage Metal Grid. Like other products, storage shelves are constantly being updated and upgraded to meet the needs of different customers. When choosing, you can choose the one that suits you according to your own warehouse, goods, access methods, etc.

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