The Advantages and Use of Stackable Wire Mesh Tray Cage

Oct. 30, 2020

There are almost infinite kinds of items that need to be transported, transported and stored in warehouses. For many of these products, standard wooden pallets are sufficient, providing sufficient support during transportation and storage.

However, there are many products that require additional protection or simply do not fit well on standard pallets. In these and other situations, stackable wire mesh tray cages are a better solution.

What are wire mesh pallet cages?

They are different from standard pallets, which are just rough wooden platforms on which products are stacked. The wire mesh tray cage, also known as the steel kettle rack, has four sides and a top to completely enclose the product during transportation and storage.

Like flat pallets, the distillate can also be transported and handled with a forklift. Some pallet cages have no bottom surface and are designed to be installed on standard wooden pallets, while others are completely enclosed steel mesh cages.

The wire mesh tray cage allows the operator to see what is contained in the lees while still providing maximum support and protection.

What are the benefits of using Steel Foldable Wire Mesh Container?

They are ideal for products that are difficult to stack correctly on standard flat pallets, or products that need to be completely enclosed due to safety or protection requirements.

During transportation, the steel kettle rack eliminates the possibility of stacked product tipping and damage. If the product is severely disturbed during transportation, this may be critical for products that also pose a safety risk to workers. The pallet cage ensures the safety of products and personnel.

Steel Foldable Wire Mesh Container

Steel Foldable Wire Mesh Container

The steel wine rack is extremely durable

Pallet cages can be made of other materials, such as wood and plastic, but they are far less durable than steel. The steel cage can resist crush damage and damage caused by forklift accidents. For sensitive materials that require maximum protection, wire mesh pallet cages are the best choice.

Enhanced security

When products are shipped on flat pallets, they can be easily stolen and tampered with. The wire mesh tray cage provides extra protection. They can include locks and other security features to keep the product where it belongs.

Stackable cages maximize space without the need for racks

Flat wooden pallets require the installation of large, expensive, and usually permanent racking systems in order to efficiently store a large number of racks. This is because flat pallets cannot be stacked together.

The steel mesh tray cage can be stacked into one. This allows efficient use of transportation and storage space without the need for permanent shelves. This keeps the warehouse space flowing. You can stack steel kettle racks where there is free space. If you need to reconfigure the placement method, it is as easy as moving the tray cage to a new location.

There are also many types of tray cages, including doors and hatches. It is designed to be opened when stacked, and the product can be used directly without disassembly.

Custom size available

There are a variety of prefabricated steel kettles to choose from, but they can also be customized to meet specific needs. Wire mesh pallet cages can be wider or taller, with customized openings, and their size is suitable for almost everything that needs to be transported or stored.

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