Welding VS. Woven Fencing

Mar. 12, 2021

Welding VS. Woven Fencing

When it comes to safety, which type of wire mesh is more suitable for your needs: welded or woven? Both types of fencing have pros and cons.

First, let us define these two wire meshes. What is a welded mesh? Simply put, a welded mesh is created when two layers of wires are laid at another right angle and welded at the intersection. This forms a very strong intersection that will not spread out during cutting, making it very durable.

In addition, "Weaving mesh" is what it sounds like. The two layers of wires are intertwined on the bottom and top. Therefore, their intersection points are much more flexible than welded mesh. However, this flexibility is also a weakness. If cut, the intersections can be quickly unraveled because they are only woven together, not welded. In this respect, woven is similar to a chain link.


As for the safety barrier, which type of fence is preferable: welded, woven, or chain link? The answer, unambiguously, is welding. It is difficult for any robot component or projectile to pass the rigid intersection of the welded fence, and the woven fence has too much flexibility. Welded fences can also create a smaller opening, leaving less space for debris to fly out.


For several reasons, welding is preferable. With woven or chain-link fences, flexibility allows for a more climbable surface. The more elastic the wire, the easier it is to grasp the wire and pry it into a graspable handle.

A welded fence is completely inflexible, and its selective openings can be very difficult to climb. These smaller grids are also ideal for data center security. Anyone who wants to steal data and information will not be able to pass through the fences around the computers in the data center.


When you are planning a storage unit, your first consideration should be durability and versatility. Between welding and woven, your choice is simple. If you want your storage to be as durable as your locker, welded wire mesh is the best choice.

Welded wire, with its strong intersections and inflexible openings, is more durable and will withstand the test of time than woven or chain link fences. In terms of their versatility, welded fences are easier to modify on-site than woven fences or chain-link fences. If you install a unit in a garage or basement and you need to work around pipes or similar obstacles, a welded fence can be cut and shaped around the object without compromising the integrity of the wires.

This is not to say that woven wire mesh is not as good as welded under certain conditions. In some cases, you may need a flexible fence that will bounce back when something hits it (think baseball or livestock) when a woven or chain link fence is the most desirable welded wire fence. However, when it comes to safety, security, and storage, welded wire mesh is almost always the way to go.


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