What Is a Storage Shelf?

Aug. 07, 2020

Storage shelves are the most important thing for warehouse modernization and forward efficiency, and the market demand is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, automated storage is continuously added to the storage rack warehouse.

Wire mesh shelves are storage devices based on the six basic functions of logistics, including packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, and information processing. The shelf is one of the primary equipment for storage. It can be said that the shelf is an indispensable part of modern industrial warehouses, logistics bases, and distribution bases.

Advantages of storage shelves

1. Convenient access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% choice, and inventory turnover;

2. The goods in the warehouse shelf are clear at a glance, which is convenient for the very important processing work such as counting, distinguishing and measuring;

3. For large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and gathering processing needs, and cooperating with machinery to carry things, it can also achieve orderly storage and handling;

4. The goods in the shelf are not kneaded with each other, and the material loss is small, which can ensure the function of the material body and reduce the loss of the goods in the storage process;

5. The quality of stored goods can be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, and anti-damage methods to improve the quality of material storage;

6. The processing needs of a modern company's low-cost, low-loss, and high-efficiency logistics supply chain.

7. A large force, not easy to deform, reliable connection, simple disassembly, and assembly, and diversified.

Wire Mesh Shelves

Wire Mesh Shelves

Features: Each pallet can be stored or moved independently. Heavy Duty Pallet Racking makes the loading and unloading process of goods more concise and agile. It can be used to various types of goods, and the height of the beam can be adjusted according to the product standards so that the upper space of the warehouse can be used as much as possible. Equipped with the simplest equipment, the lowest cost, and the equipment and cancellation are extremely convenient.

The storage shelves are made of high-quality steel plates, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is anti-corrosion/anti-rust/stable and beautiful. Its various specifications and load-bearing plans can satisfy the application requirements of factories, warehouses, assembly lines, and warehouse supermarkets. When you need a shelf with a load of 100-150kg per layer, this kind of shelf is an ideal choice and can also be used in away. Therefore, the light shelf is suitable for the storage of light bulk items in factories and the use of warehouse supermarkets. The plug-in method is assembled, the equipment is disassembled and convenient, and it is widely used

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