What Makes Protective Fences Different?

Mar. 05, 2021

What Makes Protective Fences Different?

Most people don't think much about fences at all. They certainly don't consider the difference between a protective fence and a fence in their backyard, and the truth is that until they are faced with the task of choosing a fence and obtaining commercial, industrial or institutional property, they really don't know what they are even looking for.

We do know the difference between a protective fence and a residential fence, and we are happy to share some key elements you should be looking for here.

The height of the protective fence

Height is one of the primary factors that distinguish between protective fences and ordinary boundary fences. The protective fence must be at least six feet high. Most security fences are close to 8 feet or even 10 feet high, and some places, such as prisons, require fences of 14 feet or more.

Protective fence structure

Residential fences tend to be lighter in weight because they are designed for demarcation and possible privacy, not for exclusion or security.

Usually, they are made of wood or vinyl, even if they are made of steel, the tube wall thickness and mesh diameter are much lower. This does make them cheaper but does not provide much security.

When you read the protective fence instructions, pay close attention to its diameter and wall thickness. If something looks very light, ask if it is a commercial or industrial specification. Keep in mind that the money you save upfront for a lightweight protective fence is likely to be well compensated in future repairs.

Up and down security

Many people spend a lot of time and energy on creating the specifications of the protective mesh itself, but they ignore what happens above and below the fence.

If your fence is made of something that can be climbed (or a place where a ladder or similar climbing equipment is placed), then it is important to consider the safety of the top of the fence. This may take the form of spikes, barbed wire, razor coils (with government permission), or even electronic surveillance.

The same thing applies to the bottom of your fence. If the bottom of the mesh can be lifted, or the fence is dug below, then your perimeter security system will have a big hole. Consider installing a railing at the bottom of the fence on hard ground, or find a protective option under the fence to prevent digging.

The impact of the vehicle

Another important factor in designing protective fences is to restrict vehicles from entering the site. Ordinary chain links and similar fences have posts up to 10 feet apart, and some do not even have a concrete base. A determined person driving a medium to the large car can easily break through this type of fence.

One way to improve the safety of fences is to increase the size of the concrete base and fence posts and reduce the spacing between fence posts. If the pillars are made of heavy-duty steel, poured with heavy-duty concrete, and it is impossible to install a car between the pillars, it will be much more difficult to enter the site. Another option is to choose a fence with an anti-collision rating. Although this does not prevent damage to the fence, it can prevent or at least slow down unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Nothing is reliable

The fact is that although all these measures can improve the efficiency of your security fence, without fences, walls and even electronic security systems are completely unaffected. You can build them to defend against ordinary intruders, but very determined people can still gain access.

However, we strongly recommend that if you do not know where to start designing a protective fence, please contact us and discuss your needs. There is a protective fence there to meet your needs.

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