Wire mesh panels can be bolted between existing walls to create a room divider or two wire walls can be bolted together to create a corner room using the two existing building walls.

Both hinged and sliding doors can be configured in your secure wire partition system.

Wire partition doors come equipped with our standard built-in key lock, however, we also offer custom locks that include digital keypads, card readers, biometric fingerprint readers and proximity card readers for added security.

Wire partition evidence lockers are ideal for your small storage and security requirements. Lockers 3′-0″ x 3′-0″ x 7′-6″ high can be equipped with shelves.

These open but secure lockers come with a padlock lug in which you supply the padlock.

Multiple evidence lockers can share common side walls for separated secured areas within the same facility.

Back panels and ceiling panels can also be provided depending upon your particular requirements and security needs.


Sale Evidence and Secured Storage Mesh

Sale Evidence and Secured Storage Mesh

Sale Evidence and Secured Storage Mesh

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